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Midnight quiet let me a little boring sense

Silence ofnight  ,moonlight  and  the fresh air  interweaves together  ,diffuse in  silver falls  over,  and with the  wind  swaying and  spread to the surrounding,  wandering  around,  as if  a beautiful  world  .
The color of night  gradually  thick  ,misty  night,  the air is still  plucked  off the  strings  ,air jordan,not a  sleep  !In the still of the  night  ,look at the  moon  as a sliding  of the night sky,  looking up the  sultry heart  international  stars,  feel the  luxuriant  grass  green  ,as if the  natural dissolved as a whole  .
Moonlight is like flowing water  poured over the  whole space  ,with  drops of  silver  ,not its natural  heart  upsurges  like moonlight  holiness  and moved  .As pure as  the silver  moon  ,cannot pull  my  surging  forward,  the  most extraordinary  in its simplest form  ,is  the true meaning of life  ,the mystery of life  !Deep in the night  ,like a  supreme  giant god  ,never seems to  be  my excellent  career  ,and  urban life  rhythm of tension  with  its mystical  transcendent  idea  ,still  in accordance with the natural  logic  ,in front of me  down the  magic  Hyun  blue  curtain  .
At this time,  mobile phone  came a  sound  dull  ,gloomy  ,like  with  emotional color  tones  ,in  stereo  night  echoed,  in  arc  sky  roam  ,remind me that it  is  zero,  the  vibration  my heart pulse  .
I stand  in the window  ,staring at  the  sky  too profound to be understood  ,the  gate  open  thinking  quietly  ,in my  vast  spiritual world  diffuse  pentium  !Don  is it right?  Because  at the  bright moon  invade  my dreams  ,abercrombie,looking at the  cold moonlight  popped my head out of the window  ,in this sleepless  night  left a  long  shadow  ,I  was  unable to sleep  for a long time  .
I gently  stretched out his hands  ,hold  the  full  moon shining  ,adidas,and  chasing  moonlight  memories  ,in the years of the  image  in the reshaping of  this old city  image  .But memory  is my life  real harvest  .
People can not  only  walk  down  ,perhaps  stopping occasionally  ,jordan pas cher,see  my eyes  ,see the  footprints  left behind  ,just  know that their life  should cherish what  ?Will  know  what  is  treasure  ?Midnight  quiet  let me  a little boring  sense,  watching  her daughter still  concentrate one  in  parsing  with  each question  ,staring into the  daughter of the  tired body  ,due to lack of sleep,  watching her daughter    tired  eyes  ,my heart is not  so  good pain good pain  .
Looking at the  daughter  as in the past  to  learning  ,that  is not afraid of suffering  ,is not afraid of tired  act  has been  touched me  ,then  looked  pretty smart  ,outlet hogan,sensible  to  never lose  daughter  ,felt a  little  relieved  .
The day of the  exam  approaching  ,daughter  of  tension,  also let me  feel uneasy  ,I recently  is  the mind is very confused.  Feeling  ,in no mood to do  anything that  has nothing to do with the examination  !Thinking of  the students now  cherish  every minute  ,to receive  their first  challenge  ,tense atmosphere of learning  ,also let me  feel  the feeling of suffocation  ,daily spiritual  highly  tense up  ,heart  and  a sense of unease  inadvertently  filled my  mind  ,looking at the  class  that  striking  down  countdown digits  ,makes  students nervous  ,recently I  often have  worried and upset  psychological  ,louboutin,often  worried about his daughter  and  the students  ,because of psychological quality  is bad and  will affect the  normal play  of a good performance  !Therefore  ,I often  find  student  and  daughter talk  ,advice  to release psychological pressure  !I a person of time  ,like  a cup of coffee  ,a piece of music  ,immersed in  your own heart  .
In the beautiful  melody,  scenes  from the  youth passes as a fleeting wave.  In succession  ,louboutin pas cher,eyes  ,or  clear  picturesque  ,smoke  or  light  .Time is really  not  et al  ,hogan,flower  ,adidas pas cher,Yunjuanyunshu  ,time  gradually old,  HUAFA  dark  ,in the  day and night  of the  circulation,  imperceptibly  ,middle-aged  people  .
Not  to chase  a prosperous  ,know time  is  merciless sword  ,will  recreational  everything in this world  ,louboutin pas cher,is  a  good  flower  profusion  ,Shengjing  also has  a dark day  !Frequently  hit the  breeze  ,from time to time  away from  my  elegant long hair  .
Open diary,  silently  to  the pen in the hand,  fingers  down  the  passage of time  ,not for other  ,only  occasionally  looking back at  once  ,can clearly  depicts  the  scene of  beautiful  love  beautiful scenery  .
For many, many years to come  ,will inevitably be  forgotten  when  many  beautiful  dream  ,after a considerable period of time  ,may not  think  flowers are  the most beautiful scenery of the world  .
The road of life  is very short,  the  passage of time  .Therefore  ,every  such as water  on a moonlit night  ,couldn  create  such  endless  lingering  feeling great  !Want  to use the pen  to hold  my  dream  ,but  the pen  only records the  breeze  beautiful scene  ,but  in any case  in  and write the  green pure  heart  .
The dark  night,  music box  from  the magic words  ,seemed  to tell a  moving story  .In the evening  on  the window  silently looked at  the  bright moon  ,but  inexplicable moved  to  this  ordinary  quiet  .
The wind  kept  blowing  messy  hair  ,moonlit night  thoughts  and the thoughts of youth  are  to  star  ,with  a bright moon  hung high in the sky  .The silent  night  ,but I have  a  pair of  tired eyes  shut  !In the dead of night,abercrombie and fitch,  a dim light  through the window  into the room  ,on the ground  and  a few  Xu Qinghui  .
Used  in a silent world  ,will  her heart  out  ,colored  warm text  ,recording a  tender  feelings  .If life  is a journey  ,happiness and sadness  that the two long tracks  ,followed closely  behind us  .
In  the optimistic  view  ,louboutin,often  appears as a  bright colors  ;and the negative people  see,  always  dim images  .Life is alive  ,it is  the comfortable  and  leisurely  and  comfortable  ,the  heart  !When  I am in the  text of the  corner  to talk  ,look up  to find  the moon  did not know when  has quietly  disappear in a  blur  of  halo  ,the shadow  is more and more pale,  my impetuous  heart slowly  melt  in this  fuzzy  halo  .
The  moon  in my sight  far away  ,as it  would in their own  orbit  ,but it  should be  early summer  night  ,it  brought a  beautiful  ,also  stole  me a  pure  mind  !At midnight,  the messy  mood  filled the entire  space  .
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