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the the  
this time as much as possible to defecation,ralph lauren home, time is the later,ralph lauren home, more accumulated toxins. If constipation should eat plenty of foods rich in fiber,ralph lauren, such as oatmeal,polo ralph lauren pas cher, whole wheat bread. Or with the meridian massage have a good effect of the large intestine through the conservation of defecation and colon. The
1:00 -3 points: gall bladder detox time

3:00 - 5pm: lung detox time

gallbladder,ralph lauren pas cher, liver,polo ralph lauren pas cher, lung detoxification need a good night's sleep,polo homme, sleep quality is very important. Through the following means not only allows you to easily go to sleep can have a good sleep quality.  
morning 7-9 points: stomach detox time

stomach is the largest human digestive organs, storage,ralph lauren femme, transshipment, and digestion of food functions. The daily diet is not the law,polo homme,polo femme ralph lauren home nike air jordan polo, work pressure and other reasons, so that our stomach is becoming increasingly fragile.  
breakfast is a must eat, and be sure to eat rich,ralph lauren air jordan jordan pas cher nike air j,polo ralph lauren pas cher, it is best to eat some of the stomach the food, such as peanuts, walnuts, apples,polo ralph lauren, carrots, another can usually bubble tea honey water The drink is also good for the stomach. To maintain a good mood,ralph lauren femme,polo femme,ralph lauren home Heavy, stress, anxiety and other negative emotions have the stomach to cause irritation.  
morning 9-11 points: spleen detoxification time the dressing spleen immunity

spleen main function is to digest, absorb and transfer of nutrients to various organs of the body. Keep a good spleen not only allow us to have a good body, and allows the skin to become red and shiny. Awfully,ralph lauren femme,ralph lauren femme sac pliage longchamp basket air, people will look beautiful.  
detoxification during abdominal massage,polo femme,ralph lauren pas cher,ralph lauren femme,polo homme, and try to make the activity of the brain to relax. Excessive use of the brain can also cause injury to the spleen, you can listen to some soft music to relieve tension and stress.  
noon 11-1: heart detox time

heart is a top priority in all organs, is the core part. The lunch you can eat some foods make up the heart,polo homme, such as longan,ralph lauren abercrombie pas cher chaussures air jordan ralp, Spleen Yixin. Addition, the peak of the rate of heart beat, so this Note not to strenuous exercise,ralph lauren femme polo femme abercrombie and fitch france c, be able to take a nap for a while, would be more beneficial to heart health.  
afternoon 1-3 points: small intestine detox time

you can eat food appropriate to add some nutrition. You can also do simple exercise,polo ralph lauren pas cher jordan pas cher louis vuitton bor,polo homme, such as kicks, can stimulate the small intestine,ralph lauren home, small intestine to a better peristaltic.  
3-5 pm: bladder detox time

this time you want to drink plenty of water,ralph lauren pas cher, or drink tea help detox the body of wastes discharged to go as far as possible. The bladder through the human body's largest detoxification channels, and massage it also helps the detoxification.  
afternoon 5-7: kidney detox time

this time is the best time to exercise in the day, you can accelerate kidney detoxification. More suitable for sports: jogging, brisk walking, etc.,ralph lauren pas cher sac pliage longchamp air jor, Twist is also another good form of exercise,polo homme,ralph lauren, can stimulate the kidneys play the role of massage. Dinner you can eat black fungus, seaweed, not only can the kidney can also detoxification,polo homme, kill two birds with one stone.  
at 7-9 points: pericardial drainage time

is strong blood circulation time, this time tapping the pericardium,polo ralph lauren,polo ralph lauren, or arm,polo ralph lauren pas cher,ralph lauren pas cher air jordan abercrombie pas c, elbow, back of knee, this site reflect the blood supply of the heart capacity as well as the brain's blood circulation. In addition to the activities of the middle finger, middle finger corresponds to the pericardium,polo ralph lauren, to do the action of playing the middle finger can be active pericardium.  
21:00 -11 points: the lymphatic system and the endocrine system detoxification time

this time remember to relax, maintain a good mood. Watching movies, listening to music all OK, but not suitable heard loud music. Also can meet some neck massage to help the detoxification of the lymphatic better; or massage the very spring hole in the body the armpits,ralph lauren, but also helps the lymphatic drainage.  
23:00 -1 point: liver detox time
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